What's the dumbest thing you've figured out that's made a big difference in your hair

Shampoo dries out your hair...who'da thunk it?
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Shampoo dries out your hair...who'da thunk it?
Originally Posted by onethousandcurls
I know, I know! But I thought I was one who absolutely needed shampoo, if even just a low-poo. I'm testing that theory, but it's not looking good. Guess low-poo's are better than full-on shampoo, right?

Using more than a nickel sized blob of conditioner is actually good for my hair.

Oh, oh, get this! Leaving in the conditioner I use in the shower counteracts the drying nature of Re:Coil, thus making my hair look and feel better. Imagine that!
Using lots of product is NOT a bad thing...product is your friend!
made up of 98.822% silliness!!

That applying products to really wet hair works. I used to turban my hair (in a regular bath towel) when I got out of the shower - left it like that for quite some time then applied mousse then blowdried. No wonder I had no curls left. And I had no idea that I could scrunch out that wet look either. Who knew?
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Blowdrying your hair with a diffuser with heat and speed on high, while scrunching with your hands leads to frizzy undefined hair.

Putting hairspray over wet hair leads to a stringy, wet look that lasts all day.

(No wonder I hated my hair before I found this site)
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Most of my do'h moments were a result of listening to bad advice and following it for waaayyy too long.

That wetting hair and detangling it hurts much less. For so long I had heard don't detangle when wet, that's when strands are at their weakest. I swear, kids should not be allowed to read magazines. When my mom would try to tell me I detangling dry was why I was tenderheaded I got snappy and was "Wet hair isn't going to make it hurt less, mom."
Now I feel bad becuase she was absolutely right. And then I discovered wet hair+conditioner= detangling made completely painless. But to be fair who would think that wet hair makes any difference in detangling, it just sounds wrong. I can't believe I ever tried to detangle my kinky naps dry now. I cringe in pain just thinking about it.

Washing every week, even every day is good for hair. This is a black thing. We are taught that water is the enemy and black hair doesn't need to be shampooed as much. BS. I had to retrain myself. Before I retrained my mom, when I started going on hair sites and washing my hair twice a week, she would be like "you're gonna dry out your hair with all that washing." Seriously that is the mindset. That washing with water (the most moisturizing thing out there) is going to dry out my hair. But really I realized we were subconciously realizing that the hair products out there like shampoos were not made for our hair type and will in fact dry out our hair. And it became some myth that "Black" hair shouldn't be shampooed as often as "white" hair. What we have to spread the word about is that it isn't shampooing your hair often that dries it out, it was the shampoos in the old days chock full of sulfates that will in fact dry out curly hair if used often.

That some conditioners can be left in your hair. Sounds silly but I listened to the instructions on the back of the bottle for so long to rinse out after 2 minutes. Thanks Terri for opening my eyes that tight curls need creamy thick conditioner left in to hold frizz back.

That cold water produces great definition and less frizz. Water temperture is important. Who knew?

Petroleum laden hair greases are not moisturizing my hair.

My Fotki

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Can I just say that I am absolutely amazed by the things we never would think of or dare trying? Not even counting all the products I wouldn't have thought to try or even KNOWN about if not for this site and CG and you all!
3b/c, CG 9/18/08
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For so long I had heard don't detangle when wet, that's when strands are at their weakest.
Originally Posted by KinkyKeeper
Yes! I hated when my mom would detangle my hair because it hurt so much. She didn't know how to manage my hair so she would french braid it, put it in pony tails, or a pony tail w/braid. It was a godsend when I started doing my hair on my own and discovered that using conditioner when detangling was the key to a pain free scalp. And I also discovered that I was still indeed curly after the age of 3 (I was 12 at the time), it's just my mom tamed it into submission.

A diffuser is my best friend. I would subject my hair to freezing in the winter year after year. Last July I discovered the diffuser and never looked back. A total DUH! moment for me.
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That my hair needs moisture. I've known for years now that curly hair needs moisture, but it's just now actually clicking that my hair looks dry.
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That cheap products work just as well for me as expensive ones! I think how I apply products is more important than what brand I'm using.

Oh...and as much as I love the IDEA of devacurl products (so much that I've tried them several different times), my hair hates them!
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That I need to make sure to drink more water than I think I need to in my climate.
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