Is it possible? Sulfate FREE shampoo?

So, here's what's up:
I just discovered that a product I loved has about 5 different silicones in it - and they're all at the top of the ingredient list.
I think I might need to cleanse with *gasp* shampoo... maybe. But I was looking at a bottle of shampoo I used before I went CG, and it didn't have any sulfates/fates in it... is it CG safe? Is that possible? A CG safe shampoo?
I want to know because I'm REALLY scared of using a shampoo... I'm afraid it will rewind my months of work! (even I know it won't) THANKS!
Here is an article from the curly chemist that lists what surfactants get rid of cones that could help you decide what to use to get out the cones.
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How about California Baby shampoo? That's my favorite. it uses decyl polyglucose, which is a lot gentler than sulfates and also a lot gentler than the sulfate-free alternatives like coco betaine.
I LOVE innersense color awakening hair bath. They sell it here at curlmart. Sulfate free and non-stripping.
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