Is the Giovanni Direct Leave In Too Light for 3A and 3B curlies?

I've noticed that when using the leave in with my Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Cream and topping with my Biolage Gelee the curls are still fuzzy and undefined especially on the back of my head. Has anyone experienced this and if so is there another leave in that they can recommend? Or could it be the curl cream and biolage gelee that's the problem. I'd appreciate any help given to me. Thanks for your help
I use the GDLI in the summer, it's too light for me in the winter. I tried it last week, when we had 60 degree weather and wasn't happy with the results. I use Curl Junkie, Donna Marie, Komaza and AfroDetangler products as most of my leave ins.
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I think it's partially dependant on your hair texture and porosity. I find it perfect for me and my hair is pretty fine.

I have used the gelee and really liked it. I've never used the Bumble and Bumble.

I have problems with the back of my head anyway. It doesn't seem to lay right. Product distribution helps me somewhat but mostly I have to put up with weird clumping and bare spots. I don't get anymore frizz there than anywhere else though.
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