Does curly hair make me look ugly?

Your old friend was obviously off his/her meds. Your curls looks so shiny with no friz! You definitely don't look like a boy.
I had my hair in a short (straightened) pixie cut in college, an old guy at a farmer's market thought that I was a boy- from a distance. He had a point, mine was soo much shorter then yours, and not even cute.
I love your curls! Ignore that person..her hair will break off from the flat ironing soon anyway.
Aw. Thank you guys. I will definitely try not to take other people's views of my hair too seriously in the future.

PS: All of you guys have amazing hair. I'm very jealous.
Your hair is amazing and I can't think of a more feminine picture than your reminds me of a painting!

And, like everyone else, I continue to be amazed by people who feel free to say horrible things...or who even notice "negative" things about other people. I know it's usually reflective of how they feel about themselves but I think I would rather they let their bad self esteem eat away at them than be unleashed on the world...

Obviously, I am biased but curls and waves always seem feminine to me because they resemble the curves of a woman's body...
your hair is so cute!! they are obviously just jealous
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Anyone rude enough to say such a thing to you may as well hold up a big blinking neon sign and say "WOW... I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS OF YOUR CURLS...."


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You hair looks very nice and far from boyish (and in an engineering school, would any guy be willing to mistake one of the few girls for a guy? XD ). That said, to give your friend some credit, maybe what she meant was that she thinks you look better with longer hair (rather than straight)? That's not *that* rude of a comment, because it's a part of your appearance you can change...although it's still something better said in the "oh, your hair is long now! it looks better than it did short!" way XD

Anyways, you look good. She's entitled to her opinion but luckily not everyone has that opinion .
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Tell your acquaintance to sod off. Bloody rude anyway to say to someone "you looked prettier before".
Originally Posted by ural0000
DITTO! And if I was British this is EXACTLY what I would say
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