? for those who cut their own hair

How do you do it? Do you just snip individual curls WITHOUT using a comb or do you use a comb (as they do in a salon)?
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
here's a helpful thread...


and another

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I use a comb to get an even cut or my curls will be all lop-sided. If I have any trouble spots or I have a section that grows faster I will twist and cut.
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In this thread I posted with links on how micol124 has cut her own hair. HTH
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I'm lazy I just part my hair down the middle and cut. Then I check in the mirror for pieces that are too long.
I brush or comb straight up and cut straight across.
two horizontal planes - one for my crown hair (higher/longer) and one for the sides/back (lower/shorter) so that both of those layers fall down naturally, they both end at approximately the same place. it removes a lot of bulk from the sides/back and makes my hair less triangle-shaped. I used to do a circle cut where every hair is about the same length (resulting in a lot of layers) but I had that for years and I got tired of all the layers, now I like to keep the crown hair longer so that it's more smooth.

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