I keep hearing so much about Kccc. I am newly a CG and I have gotten so much great information on this site. What products do you combine with KCCC? Right now I cowash with Suave coconut and Condition with LVPHG and as for the style I am using Tressemee (I hope I spelled it right). So far it looks good. I have much more curls than I can every imgaine. But I would like to experiment more with other porducts. Anyone have a good suggestions. I am a 3a mid length thick hair. TIA.
Welcome to CG This link could help. There is tons of info on KCCC and you can always use the google search at the top to find more. HTH
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I Just got my KCCC and tried it for the first time yesterday. I am a newby too. It made my hair very nice!!! Loved it! I also Cowash with Suave's Natural Coconut and used KCNT and a little bit of spay gel. I'd say go for it. I got mine pretty quickly too through the Curlmart tab.
Vicki - I think I am starting to understand!!! woohoo!!!

Devacare no poo, Once Condish. Rinse upside down cold water.
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