Hello everyone!
I am still somewhat new to the CG method, and I have a question about using a leave-in. Is it necessary to use a leave - in? Right now all I've been using is the Suave coconut conditioner and KCCC as my styling product. I am interested in using HETT and LVPNG, but would I be using the LVPNG as a leave-in? I am just a little confused.
Also, since I've only been using Suave coconut & the kccc, I've been getting 'stringy' curls. I've plopped a couple of times and I didn't like the results, usually getting 'stringy' curls and I diffuse afterward but I feel like the curls are too crunchy leaving a 'wet' look which I hate. Am I doing this whole process correctly? Thanks in advance!!
p.s. which is better for HETT, the styling product or conditioner?