Which gel should I get?

i love AOMM--i get nice hold with it, and not a lot of crunch or dryness!
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Wow! Thanks for all the imput everyone. I never expected to get so many replies.

Hmmm, HESMU seems to be the most well liked of the 3 gels, so I think I'll hit Wal-Mart tomorrow and give it a go. At least it's cheap, so I won't feel too terrible if it doesn't work out.

I'll let you know how the results turn out.

Again, thanks so much--there's a reason I love this place!
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The HESMU, for me, left my hair a bit greasy looking. I think it was too much hold for my thin hair. I do, however, use HETT and then scrunch in a half-dime size of HESMU after I've scrunched out all of the excess water. Gives me nice hold/shine and de-frizzes, without the weighed down/greasy looking side effects.
I haven't found the perfect gel for my hair yet. That being said, I use HEBE most of the time lately. It gives me nice big clumps. It doesn't feel sticky, my hair feels and looks good with it, but the hold isn't hard enough for me.

I've frequently used HETT, and I liked it because it gives me more spirals. It's less clumping than BE so my waves are thinner, some might say stringy, but I like the look with my hair. Again, the hold isn't that great. Sometimes I've mixed BE and TT together and liked the results.

But I just bought a new tube (first time in many months) and I see that HETT has PEG-Dimethicone in it. I don't remember it having this before and I'm afraid if this is the new trend for all the HE gels. I've used it only once and my hair didn't turn out very well, but it may not have been the gel -- I was traveling at the time. I may try it more to see, but I'm not sure I want to use even a PEG-cone now.

I'd heard for ages that HESMU has great hold and lots of people here love it. I was looking for a tube of this stuff for ages -- it's never at my usual stores (it's sometimes hard to find HEBE, too). I tried the spray version of HESMU a long time ago and I thought it was really sticky and never bothered with it again.

Recently I found a tube of the SMU gel. I've used it twice and didn't like the results at all. It felt sticky and I got a lot of frizz and my hair felt dry. I'll give it another try maybe with more leave-in, but I don't think it's for me.

I love the Aura/Hypoallergenic gel from Sally's. It's thin and easy to distribute, gives me nice shiny soft hair, but the hold is way too soft for me.

I've tried the LA Looks Sports (blue) Gel and the Dura ? hold (orange) many times and don't like the results with these either, but I kept trying them because the bottles are huge and it's cheap. My hair is in better condition now, so maybe they'll work better for me.

I've used BRHG about five times. I need more practice with it. Sometimes I got great results, other times, not at all.

I used the Sebastian Hi-Contrast Gel a couple of times and it gave me great hair. It is too expensive for me to use regularly. I put it way back on the shelf to save it for "special" occasions. I'll have to try it again one of these days.
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