ack! nasty combo?

Eeww, this morning I scrunched in some bioterra curl cream and followed up with HETT. I after I was scrunching it in, I noticed white stuff in my hair and then looked at my hands. They were covered in white, gloppy bits of goo. It was all in mt hair... I didn't have time to rinse and start over, so I was hoping it would a) dry up and fall out, b) absorb into my hair, or c) just not be too visible. One of the above happened, but ewww. It was really gross. My hair actually looks really good today, though. Anyone else have this happen? Could it be something else causing this?? I cowashed with Suave and used GVP condish, no leave in.
Not sure if I'm willing to try this again.
Poor Amy! Some products just don't like each other and produce what we call "the cottage cheese effect" when combined. It doesn't happen a lot but often enough that we've given it a name.

It's usually stylers that don't get along but the problem has been known to develop with conditioners and stylers, too. Next time you think about combining stylers, combine them in your hand (either a small amount as a test or full amounts to be applied directly to the hair) and see if the congealing commences!
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Oh, good to know! Thanks for the info jillipoo!!
I'm glad you posted this! I already use HETT and was thinking about adding the biotera cream to my routine. maybe not anymore....
Yup, that biotera curl creme...does that to me too. If I am going to use it I make sure I try a little in my hand with whatever I am mixing it with. You know, before I put them in my hair...I had the same prob the first time I tried it with something too...

Loving JC and CK products... Been loving them for 3 years...looking to branch out and try new things!!!
Well I saw this post 1 day too late! I had the same this with the Biotera curl cream and LA looks gel.

I wish I understood the chemicals that cause this so I could predict it on the labels.
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