Is no poo the only way to go??

I am trying to understand this no shampoo process
I tried to use the Deva no poo and did not have good luck. What does it mean when I see co wash? Do you use conditoner to wash your hair then another one after that? My problem is my curls get stringy and I am trying to relax the spirals some. I do not want the tight curls (Shirley Temple). Have just ordered the Jessi Curl line. Any thoughts
This will keep you busy for a while! There's tons of info here so take your time reading and learning

here's a link in the going shampoo less forum
Patty, SAVE YOUR SELF!!! LOL. Just kidding . If you want to be 'CG', No Poo is the way to go. When people say co-wash, they mean to wash your head/ roots just with conditioner. Usually, for that a cheaper conditioner is used, such as Suave or VO5. after that, you would need use a thicker conditioner (or not, depends if your hair gets over conditioned easily) and you would use that as a rinse out and or leave in. Don't get over whelmed. All your answers can be found in different threads. and if you still have questions, dont hesitate to ask. you can also start off by reading the Curly Girl book.

As far as the jessicurl line, i found it too light for my hair, but i have thick crazy hair. it did do an ok job, considering. their conditioners, however, are really good!

welcome aboard!
para los gustos se hicieron los colores

i has no hair type? (medium, f-iii), normal porosity, LOW elasticity.
CG journey began 2/8/09 - 4-08-09.. and then mod cg 4/14/09 -... 03/02/10- Barely CG but I like CG products
wash with Low Poo or Poo
condition with GVP Conditioning Balm or CJ BC Daily, Loreal Color Vive for Color Treated Hair Thats Normal
Leave ins- Garnier S&S; Marrakesh oil
style with - Ohm SHP; KCCC- BRHG or Boots- KCCC- BRHG; CIAB; CCCC
Protein- GVP Joico K-Pak
Play with ACV
Some hair just can't stand co-washing... ever! I water rinse, use a shikakai tea rinse, do sugar scrubs and shampoo with a gentle shampoo 1X a week. I use natural styling products so I get no build-up. As long as your hair is healthy and looks great , I wouldn't worry about being CG or not but it is a good guide and place to start.
Type: 3a, fine, thin, low porosity Water/Climate: soft/ marine Washes: water w/washcloth, shikakai, clay Condition: Style:Seamollient, CurlsPFCCP, Miracurl, Gel-les'c, CK; rudeechick's super soaker method; blot, air dry 30 min; diffuse
It's not the ONLY way to go, but it is A way to go. Many people have success using the Curly Girl (CG) method. People with finer hair might benefit from an occasional shampooing. It really is a trial and error thing.
I happen to love shampoo, but I use gentler and more moisturizing shampoo now. What works for one head of hair won't for another.
That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

I am a sulfate washing, cone slabbing, curly lovin' s.o.b. The CG police haven't caught me yet.


While I myself am strictly no poo, there are some who must poo every now and then (some more, some less).

This method is completely trial & error! There is no such thing as 'instant' results in the beginning! What works for someone else (even if their hair looks just like yours or is the same hair type) may not work for you! Sorry, but it is better to hear the truth now!

Anyway, for me, I co-wash about every 3 days unless I have been outside or worked out and then I must do it that day, or I feel dirty! Then you can use a leave-in (if you feel your hair is dry) and then it is playtime!!

The stylers are my fav part! There are a myriad of products you can try that will behave differently for everyone. Just to frustrate you, the same product may work differently for you, from day to day...(once again, a does of reality!) The methods of applying the products range from scrunching it in, raking it in, and some even use a comb to get some of the products in! Try them all until you find what works for you.

Personally, I scrunch everything..the conditioner, the leave-in, all my stylers, everything! I just have it in my head that any other method will pull out my curls! Probably just my OCD, but it works for me!

I would check out the threads and the google toolbar for any specific questions! There is a ton of information here, so read to your hearts content!

Also, check out this blog, written by a veteran of CG...

Hope this helps!

CG since April09
2b ~ regularly
2c ~ on a 'good' day
Deva Products for Challenge
co-wash ~ Suave coconut
condish ~ BLCB
style ~ JCRR & JCCC & BRHG
clarify ~ BS rinse & ACV

Currently jones-ing for KCCC & KCKT

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