New to CG Method: Am I doing this right?

First, I wanted to say that I am new (well, not really) to NC! I've been a lurker for a while and now I'm back!

Second, I (think) I'm doing the Curly Girl method, but wanted to be sure I'm doing the right thing and using the right products.

1. I clarified this morning with Suave Daily Clarifying.
2. I skipped the conditioner (I don't have a cone-free conditioner yet. Any suggestions would be great).
3. I applied FOTE 100% Aloe Vera (it's cone/paraben-free) as a moisturizer and as a hair gel. (I also have Kinky Curly Curling Custard). My hair feel so soft and defined.
4. I used a medium/heavy oil or butter to smooth edges and seal in moisture on the ends.

My questions are:
1. What cone-free conditioners work well for co-washing? (Cheap ones, please! I'm on a college student budget).
2. Is it OK to use organic cleaners/soaps in the CG method in place of co-washing? I have Dr. Bronner's Magic Pump Soap.
3. Finally, how frequently are we to "wash"? I want to wash daily since I work out often.
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My Fotki:
1.Most people use Suave or VO5 for co-washing. They are very cheap. I use Suave Coconut, smells great!
2. Not too sure on this one. I might do soap once a week and co-wash all other times. Maybe someone else can give better advice on this...
3. It's really up to you. I generally co-wash every other day but some people do it every day or just once a week. Daily should be fine.
1. I like the Suave Tangerine or Strawberry for cowashing but I've heard the VO5 condish is lighter so it depends on what you want from your cowash.

2. It's really up to you. I use a soap bar from kathymack followed by an ACV rinse once a week and cowash the rest. There are curlies that only use shampoo bars now. It's really about how your hair reacts and what it needs.

3. Same answer here too. At first I cowashed every day but now I'm down to every 2 or 3. Start with every day and see how it goes. You'll start to learn what your hair needs after a while.

Good luck and welcome
High Priestess JessMess, follower of the Goddess of the Coiling Way and Confiscator of Concoctions in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

1. Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo im pretty sure has Sulftes in it.

2. For a co-wash conditioner I would use Suave or V05 they are great (I cowash everyday and use a soap bar once a week followed by an ACV). For a rinse out i would use LVPNG which i find at my local grocery store and walmart i would also use GVP conditioner balm which you can find at Sally's. I wouldnt use either everyday as they seem to be used better in rotation. But both are relatively cheap.

3. To comment on the Dr.Bronners i would need to know which one it is, as if its a low-poo i would try not to do it everyday as i know my hair gets super dried out.

HTH If you need anything else your more then welcome to PM me.
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