Ok, which one of you bought the last KCCC at my whole foods??

I went to my Whole Food to pick one up today and they were all gone! Which one of you biotches bought it??? LOL
2B/2C wavy
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Wasn't me - I hate the stuff but ROFL
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ROTFLMAO It wasn't me either!!

I DID THE BC ON MAY 24TH, 2009 @ approximately 2:00am!

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I don't think it was me. I did have to take a sleeping pill the other night....lemme go look under my cabinet and I'll let you know.

The Ambien strikes again! Imagine being in an Ambien induced coma and shopping! (That would be a great excuse for the hubbs though!!! )

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2c ~ on a 'good' day
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Ahhh I totally bought the last one in a Manhattan Whole Foods two weeks ago! I used my subway elbows (on air, no one was fighting me for it, but the woman at the end of the isle was shiftying in my direction -- probably at the lunatic lunging at the jar full of snot) and everything

Oh, and a word to the wise for KCCC users -- be careful to give a last look in the mirror when you use it, because when I was putting the KCCC in last week, I got a glob on the side of my face and noticed FIVE HOURS LATER, after I had gone to class and the dining hall and people I know saw me. It looked like a huge booger!!!

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Stylers: KCCC, AG Re:coil, TIGI mousse, but open to suggestions!
Gels: BRHG (my one and only)

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Dude that totally sux... wasn't me I got my own!
NOT ME! My Whole Foods doesn't carry it, and I got mine through CurlMart.
2a underneath, 2b/c on top, medium texture, low porosity, normal elasticity, high density
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all things Spiral Solutions and Curl Junkie!!
Probably the same person who bought ALL of the AOHR. every. single. bottle.

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