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Hey ladies,

So i was looking through the forums and someone recommended the la coupe refresher spray. But how do i use a refresh spray or what do you ladies do?

I am also going way in a few weeks to the tropics. What should i bring for my hair?

This thread may help you or you could search lavender spray. That's what I use. Everyone uses them differently, but I spritz mine on second day hair (some do mid-afternoon) and smooth down. I then add a little more product. To be honest though, the lavender spray hasn't working the best for me, so I may be trying something else.

Others use a condish-water mix or things such as the thread above.

As for the tropics, I'd check the dewpoint humidity and go from there. HTH!!
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Lavendar spray is water and essential oil. I think it was in the CG book as something if you were looking for a scented refresher. I found it alone pretty much useless and I wasn't crazy about the lavendar scent. But I'm not a floral person.

I still use water as a refresher but I also scrunch in some gel or CK for multi-day hair.

I'm going south next Sunday. I'll be taking my CK for sure, a gel, GLI and some condish. I'll also be taking a spray bottle for refreshing.

CK will be my #1 staple for the trip - hot and humid at the beach. I expect to use more of it there than I would at home. Temps never get much over 80 here. This will be my first time south since going CG so I'm anxious to see how things go.
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Whatsercurl- let me know how the CK works for you down here. I'm expecting you to come back and say that you haid a lot of halo frizz using it down here. If you don't end up with frizz and it works well for you then I'll have to look at some other areas of my routine to see what my hair might be lacking.

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