adding volume!

my hair type is a cross between 2c and 3a. sometimes it can be wavy, sometimes curly. when i sleep on it, it loses volume & turns limp. on a morning i usually backcomb it all to add some volume but it just turns it frizzy. i know its bound to seeing as thats what backcombing does but i really want to know how to achieve this kind of hairstyle :

as you can see, she has volume going all the way through her hair but no frizz. i know its a celebrity & its been airbrushed etc but it is achievable.
can anyone help? its been driving me mad for about 3 years now, ive prom in 2 months & im starting to feel really self-concious & upset
Her hair has been professionally styled. Looks like it's been round brushed blown out then teased and sprayed to get that height in the crown.

If your hair is 3A you will have to straighten then curl to get that look.
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You might try setting it on sponge rollers overnight to avoid the heat styling to get something like that.


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