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Hi guys,

I used to come here a lot but haven't been here for a long long time.

Here's the story, I'm 28 and 7 months ago had our first baby. My hair didn't really change in pregnancy but a while before that it began to get kind of straight rather than super curly as it was before. Here's a photo from when I was 17 and had just started to wear it curly!

I used to wash, add mousse while still pretty wet and dry upside down with a diffuser. It looks nice and thick there.

It stayed like that for ages but about 4 or so years ago it started to look thinner and curl less. Here's one from a few years back.

Then I decided it was too messy and not curly enough so I had a load cut off. At first it was terrible then I went to another salon and got it fixed. I grew to love it here is a photo I like -

That was summer 2007 when I started to wash, gel wet and scrunch into a towel then air dry. It worked great for me as long as I used the correct amount of gel and it scrunched out ok so it wasn't crispy!

That's how I do it now still. My hair doesn't look like that anymore though and I've also switched to using green products although I always checked for -cones previously. Now I'm avoiding those plus parabens, sls and sles.

I think I'd like to grow my hair but I'm not too sure! What do you guys think? I love the way it was when I was 17 but I guess like everything hair changes with age. I can't use the mousse/diffuser method anymore as it just makes my hair stick up all over the place, it's too short (although still below shoulders at the back).

Anyway I'm just putting this here as I am contemplating trying CG again to see how it goes.

ps. Ran out of gel so attempted to use aloe vera gel, waaay too soft had to tie it back! No definition.

pps. What catagory do you think my hair falls in to? It straightens REALLY easily.
I didn't use gel today I just tried some old frizz ease serum on my wet hair after a pre-wash condition with coconut oil, and shampooing. I then pixie-diffused (is that the right term?) and this is the result. It's got body which is nice but not that great for curls, plus is quite frizzy at the back.

Excuse my typing, my 7 month old is currently perched on my lap!

I don't know what to tell you. I know that hormones play a big role in your hair when you have a baby. after my second child my hair curled up so much more than it had ever been. But not until after the baby was born. My youngest is going to be three in July and my hair is just now starting to go back to what it used to be. Going CG couldn't hurt. It's worth a try. For me it helped a lot with the frizz and it feels much healthier. Finding the right products helps a lot too. Unfortunately, that takes a lot of experimentation and I'm still not there yet.

What shampoo are you using? What other products?
I'm currently using Daniel Galvin Jnr Hair Juice shampoo.

It looks different to those on the site but probably just new packaging. This is organic and contains natural ingredients - I really like it.
What about conditioner? You might need that. It helps my frizz, and I have it bad.
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2b/3a medium/coarse semi-porous/iii
White Rain Ocean Mist GVP conditioning balm. Bioterra/LA Looks. Air dry. SOTC w/LOOB..I think its my first HG.
Experimenting with homemade recipes.
Thanks. I used to use original source conditioner but stopped after about a year as I just needed something different. I started to use coconut oil after the wash and found that didn't work so now I'm using it before and it makes my hair very soft.

I am going to buy some conditioner in the same make as the shampoo when I'm next in waitrose. Think I'm going to use the rest of my shampoo then start co-washing anyway to see how that goes.

Now I need to figure out the best conditioners to use! I'm trying to use products made with natural, organic ingredients where possible.
Today I have been out and brought some linseed, orange EO and two conditioners - one cheap straight forward one and one more advanced one. I plan to co-wash with the cheap one and use the other to condition!

I'm in the UK and brought INECTO Pure Coconut Oil Moisture Infusing conditioner to co-wash, and Waitrose Organic Moisturising conditioner with organic sweet almond and geranium oils for after. Both are paraben, cone, xane, sls and sles free.

So I am going to make some flax seed gel today sometimes - I know I can buy it but I like the satisfaction of making it! Will start with this recipe:

2tbsp flaxseeds
1cup water
1tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
5-10 drops Orange EO

The original recipe by dulcymh here has honey in but I think I'll start without it and see how I go. Fun Fun Fun...

Oh does anyone know how many ml or fl oz one cup of water equates to? I don't have measuring cups.
1 CUP = 8 OZ. = 250 ml

Hope that helps
Very basic hair wiki
In depth wikis

2b/3a medium/coarse semi-porous/iii
White Rain Ocean Mist GVP conditioning balm. Bioterra/LA Looks. Air dry. SOTC w/LOOB..I think its my first HG.
Experimenting with homemade recipes.
Oh my God that was hard work! Here's my FSG after two attempts (first was like jelly!) and two strainings!

That's just a ramakin so really not much there! Think I'll try again another time but leave it on the heat for less time - was 8 minutes on low this time around.
Actually, that's probably about dead on with the after results. It's really hard to separate the jelly from the seeds. You have to do it while it's really hot and just before it's done. The recipe you posted yielded me less than 3 oz (roughly 85-90 ml i think).

Oh right, thanks! I had to laugh as by the cooker I had a relatively large empty bottle waiting!! Wishful thinking there!

So I should probably strain just at the stage where, if I run a knife through the liquid it leaves a space where I can see the pan - if that makes sense? I did do it piping hot, but of course it took so long that it was cold by the time I'd finished!

Can I still use it with those teeny tiny bits of seed in it?
I pour my FSG into a nylon stocking and then use it as a filter and squeeze the gel out leaving the seeds inside the nylon. It works great and I get WAY more out of it and spend WAY less time trying to pick seeds out.

3b/c mix; mixture of fine, med. and coarse texture with med-high porosity

Current HG routine: Tresemme Naturals conditioner; AG Fast Food LI; AG Recoil; CJ CIAB = no crunch, lots of body and awesome definition

Dutchess Daydreamer of the Desert Sands in the Order of the Curly Crusaders
Thanks for the tip. So I can use the end of a pair of tights (pantyhose)? Do you then use the same again for another time and just wash it? Sounds like a mad question but what thickness are the tights? Like...15 or 40 denier? Not sure if you use that scale in the states, but thin or thick!!
I tried thick and it didn't work so well, so my guess would be thin. The way I did my FSG was to stir it until I got a thin steady stream off the spoon, the immediately poured into a mesh strainer. BTW, don't know if you used ground up linseeds or not, but try to use whole. I did ground up ones the first time and it was perfectly useable, but hard as all hell to strain.

Thank you!! I made some this morning to replace my previous attempt with bits in! Think my partner wondered what on earth I was doing with a pan of seeds and slime before he went to work this morning!!!

I did both of your suggestions, didn't let it get too thick and threw into the strainer some just plopped straight through but then it stopped coming, so I grabbed an old pair of tights (I'm strange in that I just have them hanging around in a kitchen drawer! Great for soapnuts/oat baths!) and shoved the seeds in there. It was great! I did get lots more - most of it kept sticking to my hands so I had to keep peeling it off - but all in all a success!

Still didn't get a lot though I will definitely buy more seeds and make a much bigger batch next time.
Right so I just co-washed and conditioned then used the gel on soaking wet hair - hope that's right! I thought it would never disperse but it went through my hair quite easily. I must confess to taking a comb and just making sure it was even! I usually just use my fingers but I wasn't sure if it was working so used a comb.

I think I put too much on though. My hair is curling nicely but quite clumpy though not heavy. Hoping I can scrunch it well later. I'm going to airdry today. Tried to take a wet hair pic but I couldn't get the angle right so gave up!
Glad the second attempt worked better! Let us know how it goes!

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