So what do I do now?

I'm much calmer now. Go figure, the red dot came to visit on the same day.
Originally Posted by SunshineGrrl
Oh!! Well dang, that explains it right there (the obsessive dyeing, that is). I am forbidden (by my husband and friends) to do ANYTHING to my hair when I have pms. Not even a trim. I have a long, sad history of violating my hair in all sorts of horrid ways when I was pmsing, only to have total hair remorse once the red bomb finally dropped. When I tell my husband I'm going to get a trim, he always asks when I'm due for my period. LOL.
Originally Posted by finch
Yeah, I usually try to avoid drastic measures during that time, but this one blindsided me. I woke up and was like...WTF, then looked at my pack of BC and lo and behold...time for my period. Nice. I guess I should keep better track.

So sorry to hear of your hair woes, Sunshine. At least it isn't falling out in clumps. Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone. Thankfully your hair will grow and recover. Give it extra tender treatment for sure.
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