Thin out my hair?

I THINK my hair is a 3b/3c. Something like that!
Anyway, I just think my hair is too much. I mean, I like it, but it's just too much hair. And I'm going to get my hair cut in a few days. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience on "thinning?" big, curly hair. How does it turn out, and what are the consequences?

Thanks so much!

bad, bad, REALLY bad consequences, in my experience! Thinning = frizz from all directions...on top, underneath...all over. The best way to get rid of bulk is to get layers cut in dry hair. Hopefully your stylist has knowledge in curly hair! But I would definitely NOT recommend getting curly hair thinned.
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It all depends on your stylist if she's experienced with curly hair or not.. most aren't, as we all know.
Mine uses texturizing shears after layering my hair. With her, it works. I don't have any ill effects but I've had my hair "texturized" before and it was a horrible.
I asked my hairdresser to thin my hair for me before but she wouldnt because she said that when you thin your hair after a while it will grow out a little and get all frizzy and just look terrible, because like someone said, there will be frizz sticking out from every where
From my experience from having very thick hair as a teenager, I'd say don't do it! My hairdresser wouldn't do it full but did a little bit and that resulted in frizz!!
I wouldn't, 'cause I love having thick hair. But look at the Ouidad site, they do something that thins out curly hair but curl by curl, I think if you really think you'd be better off with less hair it would be a better solution. Thinning shears are a pretty bad idea for anyone with curls or hair longer than a few inches.
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A good stylist should be able to reduce the bulk by adding layers without "thinning" your hair. I used to get my hair thinned and once all those thinned hairs start to grow, you have little hairs at the top resulting in poof near your roots.
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