back of my head looks like bedhead

Someone told me the back of my hair looks like bedhead, it's poofy and the curls aren't defined. I agree unfortunately. The front and sides of my hair are fine. My routine is to lean over in the shower and scrunch my wet hair with conditioner, then stand upright and rinse. Then bend over and apply leave-in and gel and stand up and scrunch with curl ease towel. Any thoughts what i should do so the back of my hair doesn't look different from the rest of my hair ?Thanks!

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Cantu leave-in and BRHG
I have this problem sometimes. The front of my hair is 3a/3b but the back often looks 3a or even 2c! I used to think that it was a problem with my product application, but now I think it's my layers back there- maybe they're too long? While I wait to get it cut I tend to be more liberal and thorough with products back there and that has helped. I also skip curl every once in a while if I don't think it's curling properly.

What products are you using?
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Thanks for answering! I condition with Loreal curly/wavy for long/medium hair, my leave in is Shea moisture and I mainly use Biosilk Rock Hard gel. I think I'll go along with your suggestion and use more product back there, and maybe skip curl, although I sometimes do that anyway.

Worrying doesn't take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's peace

Best combo so far:
Cantu leave-in and BRHG
There was a thread about back head in the 3b section, many people have the same problem and I'm one of them. I started giving more attention to the back, I use more product than I use on the front or sides and now I twist the back of my head into twisted sections and open the twists when its dry. It helped a lot.
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