EEECK! $175 for highlights/lowlights?!

First let me apologize to Curlilocks because I have been driving her crazy on whether to use RC color or have salon color. I chickened out on doing my own color and went to the salon.

I went to a hairstylist recommended by a friend who has had beautiful highlights for years. She is in a small modest salon, no frills in Miami.

My hair is heavly blonde highlighted with 2 inches of medium brown roots. We decided to do highlights and lowlights, full head. I didn't ask a price since it was a small salon, no where near trendy or in the 'ritzy' areas of miami.

I was SHOCKED when handed a bill for $175.00. I was actually speechless. Apparently she charged 2 prices: fullhead for the highlights and full head for lowlights. I've NEVER been charged so much ever for my hair, trust me, I don't look rich. About 5 years ago I had highlights/lowlights done and was only charged one price, about $90, because it was done at the same time.

And what I feel worse about is that I was too embrassed to dispute the bill or say anything at all. I was actually sick to my stomach. AND I tipped on it!!!!! $25.00!!!! which is about 15% tip. I didn't know what else to do. I feel so stupid, I actually didn't sleep last night over this.

Was I indeed stupid? The hairstylists out there, is this the way it is normally priced?

I do like the way my hair came out, it is what I asked for but NOT FOR $175.00.
Did you get your hair cut as well? I think my bill is around that number when i do two processes (color brown and highlite blond) and a haircut.
I was getting two processes done for years and about , oh 6-7 months ago I decided to just color my hair my natural color, which is brown. The highlites were killing my checking account.
If i were you i would call the salon today and ask for a break down? also, ask if they offer first client discounts? it's possible the stylist rung up the order wrong???
and my last thought, unfourtunatly looking good, your hair , your clothes, comes at a high cost right now I'm debating going down the street to pivot point for a color and highlite (pivot point is a hair dressing school, so it'll be a lot cheaper, but i pretty particular with how my hair looks, and sometimes paying the extra money is the only way to go!
sorry you had a bad experience... at least you look good and you like it
I had the same thing happen--once.

It's seriously a rip-off to me though when the high and low-lights are applied at the same time on alternating sections of hair.

I feel your pain (mine was similarly priced).
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just kidding! Hey, it's your hair, I'm just happy I gave you some good tips that you might use next time. Instead of having to shell out so much money. That prices sounds about right to me, for 2 different processes. I've had highlights in the crown only (well, I think they did ears up) a couple of times, and had to pay about $75 or more. Since you had so many highlights already, why didn't she just do lowlights, so you can grow out your natural color more easily? Or are you not doing that now? (Actually, I have tips on doing lowlights with RC too).

This is why I color my hair at home with Robert Craig:
1. cheaper!!!
2. easier on the hair
3. I can do what I want, color, highlights, etc

So, now I want to see pictures of this fab hair! You owe me that much.

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Thank you for the replies, I feel better. It's not the money, per se, but I just want to know I wasn't taken advantage of. I didn't think so, this stylist is very popular at the gym, she does ALOT of clientale.

I have no problem spending money to look better; I've had rhinoplasty and a boob job, so I know the price of beauty! It's just I've never spent that much on hair, even at the very trendy high end salons in miami. Years ago, when I did have the highlights and lowlights done and just charged the one fee, it was just a few lowlights and they looked terrible.

I did call a few other salons to check what they charge for highlights and lowlights and all the salons charged two seperate prices even though done at the same time.

I have to say, it was worth every penny, my hair looks amazing. She knew exactly what I wanted and how to acheive it. I will go back to her.
Ahem. Pictures?

SF Bay Area, CA * "The Angel-Goddess-Guru of Haircoloring"
3b/c/a mix. medium texture, low porosity
My Motto: Strand Test! some hair pics
-- gone, but never forgotten.
I pay about the same price for highlights ONLY! So I think you got a deal!!! The price we pay to look HOT!
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I don't know what the pricing should be for your color service, but the take-away lesson is this: always, always ask in advance how much someone is going to charge you. That's whether you're having your hair done, your car tuned up, or your apartment painted. If you don't, you have very little recourse in case the person is a crook and decides to take advantage of you.

Glad you're happy with the color!
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i just got a color, highlight and cut and it was $160.00. I think that's the going price if you want a quality job done not saying you wont get quality with paying less, but....
After reading this thread I think I'm in the wrong line of work!
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Its the lesson you needed to learn, so next time you will be an alert consumer. Being codependent to a stylist is all too common. I once go a perm and the dumb stylist left it on way too long cus she had 2 other clients. I went to the sink, washed the crap out of it, removed the curlers and left with it wet and unstyled AND I PAID FOR IT!!!

stupid me...but I learned. Never again will I let someone else take advantage of me. I ask the prices, and if the service is unacceptable, I say so!
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Holy crap. I shall never be getting highlights or lowlights. Yeesh.

I do want to see pictures of your hair, though. It sounds fabulous.
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Here in New York $175.00 for just highlights is the norm and that's in the low to midrange salons forget about the high end places. I would love to pay $175 for just highlights and lowlights But I pay close to 400 for haircut, high lights and low lights which makes me want to scream but like what was stated above the price of beauty.

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