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may1787 05-07-2009 05:19 PM

More Plopping Q's
Do you have A's for my Q's? :laughing2: Ah, I kill myself.

Anyway, I have a couple questions about plopping. I have been doing it for a few days and get okay curls but nothing that amazes me. I know not everyone likes it, but for those that do:

1. What refreshing spray do you use in the morning?
2. Do you pineapple with the plop or just plop? If you do pineapple and plop together, how are you doing it and what is your resulting look? Do you get more volume on top?
3. When you get your best plopping curls, did you use gel the night before? Did you tight plop or loose plop? Basically, what was your routine when you got your best curls?


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