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Looking for stlyes/dos - - - -

Can anyone tell me some good styles or do's for my hair? I have long hair....quite a bit past my shoulders....and its all one length without bangs. My hair is VERY curly but being in the south it gets terribly frizzy. Some days it curls just beautifully and some days it looks like crap.

I normally just wear my hair up or wear it down. Occasionally when I go camping or out to the lake I have my mom french braid it . Any style or do's? PICTURES ARE WELCOME!

I'm in Alabama too!- Went to high school in south Alabama (THAT is some serious humidty!) and now i'm in B'ham- i used to straighten my hair quite a bit, but haven't in a long time. My hair is very curly right between mychin and shoulders when dry. My hair is layered too. The biggest difference between a frizzy day and a non-frizzy day is leaving conditioner in my hair. I either wear my hair down or in a messy updo- the messier the better. I also like to do the half down/half up thing. Sometimes i clip a couple of curls back on one side only. I love fun clips. And those hair sticks are great too. Better than just a rubber band. To tell you the truth i feel like women in the south who leave their curls natural are few and far between. Its different so i am going to get comments even if i have a conservative curly style, so i just go to town.
3B- anywhere from sidewalk chalk to straw sized! Porous and fine.

Hard water!

JR Liggett Shampoo Bar or V05 cowas
Pantene for Women of Color Conditioner
Kinky Curly Curling Custard
Kinky Curly Glossing Pomade

Wow- your not too far from me! I live ina wee little town between B'ham and Tuscaloosa.

I'm getting ready to move to Mobile in a couple of months.

I get comments ALL the time about my hair. First question they ask- ARE THEY NATURAL?!?! lol

Last night I did some experiementing with a hair style. You know how you put your hair 1/2 up... like top part in a pony tail? Well, I just did a bun thingy on the top part and had some hair sticking up out of the top of it to make it have a more dramatic look. Looks awesome, really.

I'm going to try start doing messy do's. Just the pony tail look or leaving my hair down just isn't working with the humidity right now. Last night I put olive oil and egg in my hair. Also added some cinnimon to see what it would do. Don't think I added enough though to color it. I can def. tell a difference in softness but I have REALLY dry blonde spots in my hair that just aren't healthy looking. I cut them and they look considerably better but as soon as they grow back out they look dry and brittle.

I'm thinking about going with the no-shampoo some of the ladies do. Just not quite sure how they get their scalp to stay clean... lol I need to check more into it.

It awesome to meet another girl in Alabama who has curls and leaves them natural. Like you said... we are few and far between. In fact, I have yet to meet another girl here with curls!!!!!


PS: Sorry for all the posts!!!! Thats what happens when you have dial up and it looks like it isn't working so you just keep hitting the submit button. WHHHOOOPPPSSIEEE!
The shampoo free thing is from a book called Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. A lot of people on this site follow some form of her idea. If your hair is dry then you will benefit from it. The detergents in shampoo dry your hair out, so you don't use it and use alternative ways to keep your scalp clean. I don't use shampoo, only conditioner, brown sugar scrubs, baking soda and lemon juice. She has all kinds of homemade recipes for your hair- which i think you might like, since you are already using olive oil, egg and cinnamon. (what does cinnamon do, just for color? i've never heard of that, curious!)

This is going to be very helpful in Mobile. My mom still lives down there and when i visit the air is so humid it seems like you are walking through water. The more moisture you already have in your hair, the less it can suck up from the atmosphere- cutting down on a lot of frizz.

Although you can pretty much can get all the information about the Curly Girl (CG) method in the forums, it might be helpful to read the book to understand her philosophy(and have answers for those people who are horrified by your shampoo free life). Then it will probably be easier to use the information that you find here. I got my copy at Barnes and Noble but you could also rent it from the library or order it off of amazon. It is about $10.

I like to think that when i wear my hair curly some other curly girl in hiding wil see it and decide to go natural too!
Welcome to

3B- anywhere from sidewalk chalk to straw sized! Porous and fine.

Hard water!

JR Liggett Shampoo Bar or V05 cowas
Pantene for Women of Color Conditioner
Kinky Curly Curling Custard
Kinky Curly Glossing Pomade

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