I feel so BLAH lately

Any tips?

I recently have gone back to my natural state.. curly hair and light brown hair.. from wearing it VERY blonde and straight. To top it off, yesterday I got a cut to help with some of the damaged stuff, and well, its shorter than I bargained for (i've been trying to grow it out for months now!!), and I just feel UGLY.

I don't know how to fix my hair cute.. Its now at the bottom of my neck in the back and about chin length in the front. I just feel so bland.

On a good note, i've joined the no poo crew last week and my hair already feels better and the curls are bouncing back.

Can anyone relate? Give me some pointers on how to spruce up my hair while its growing out??

I know exactly how you feel. I just got my hair cut, it is even the exact same length as you described. Bottom of my neck in the back and chin length in the front. A slightly tapered cut. It is shorter than I bargained for, too. I liked it at first. But I just don't look good with short hair. No matter how much curlier it is.
As of now I have it in a pony tail. And there is a hair style my sister does that makes it look better, but I can't remember how she does it.
*sighs* I will just have to wait a while until it grows out a little.
Why does it seem like my hair cuts always end up shorter than I bargained for?
Cleanser: Liquid Castile Soap diluted in a foaming soap dispenser
ACV rinse
Oyin Handmade Greg Juice or Juices and Berries
Stylers: Botticelli Botanicals Styling Mudd, KCCC, Honey Rinses and BRHG, Crack Leave-in Hair Cream when straightening

Tools: Silk pillowcase, Floursack towels, Jersey T-Shirts, Wide Tooth Comb, Velecta Paramount TGR-VQX Hair Dryer (for when I straighten) and BaByliss PRO Ionic Rollabout Hard Hat Dryer
I know exactly how you feel. It's hard with hair that short to do a whole lot with it. I like to take like 100 bobby pins and pin it back into what looks like an intricate updo, but really was just me hating my hair and being lazy. I just grab a section and pin randomly. I sometimes try to cris-cross the hair to make it look more intricate or twist the lock. Depends on the mood. Then I tuck in the ends with more bobby pins because it's too short to look good with the ends sticking out. Yours would probably look cute with the ends out!

Experiment with pulling different pieces back, not just the side or bumping the top. I've pulled middle pieces out and pinned them underneath a layer of hair in the back to hide the bobby pins and it looked really good.

Good luck!

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