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RozettaStone 05-07-2009 06:03 PM

Shopping Report -- Big Lots, and Beyond
I schlepped off to Big Lots today in hopes of finding one of the Curlease towels -- I saw a few recent posts where people said they scored on those there. Nada. They had some TurbieTwists for just $2, if anyone wants them -- these are cotton turbies -- but they are fuzzy and I think will just give frizz. I didn't find much of interest at Big Lots, sadly, but they had some L'Oreal Studio Line liquid hard-hold gel for about $1.80. This could be interesting for people who like that line and are OK with the PEG-mineral oil and PEG-cone. I've never seen this particular gel before. It comes in a nice little squeeze bottle.

I also stopped at BloodBath&Beyond, where I saw the Curlease towel, but I'm not willing to spend on the full price. Sometime during this year, BB&B added a huge cosmetics and drugstore section, and they've become the best place for me, short of making the long trip to Target, to find things like VO5 (which has vanished from my Walgreens, why??) and HE gels, which are hard for me to find now, too. Prices are better than at Walgreens, with HEBE and HETT at $3.39. They also had some of the LVPNG for curlies, and LOOB, and Alagio and such.

I haven't had any good scores at Big Lots since I first discovered CG and NC, and on my first trip there I scored about 10 bottles of old-packaging B2B Pom-Peach for $1.50 each. If anyone finds Curlease towels at their Big Lots or TJ Maxx and wants to help out some fellow curlies, you might buy a bunch and put them up on the swap list. I covet a Curlease, and I covet the CLU cloths, but must keep the budget in view.:angry2:

lazy loops 05-07-2009 06:14 PM

PEG-mineral oil! It's water-soluble?

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