Tons of pixie knots

Spekla, did you say what type hair you have? I don't get the pixie knots but I get tangles often.
Anyway, I don't use commercial DTs. I make my own, with avocado and whatever sounds good - usually eggs, olive and lavender oil (just a little lav oil) or coconut oil, banana, and honey.
Some people don't like protein in their hair, so you could cut out the egg. If you cut out the oil too (you said you don't use oil) then I would just mash the banana and avocado together, or else mash the avocado up and mix it with your regular condish? Maybe with just a little oil?

My hair is 3b and it LOVES avocado.
These would be the death of me! Then I did alot of research on them. Moisture and trimmed ends are the main solution to pixie knots. Here's some tips:
-Dust ends 1-2 month
-Deep condition weekly
-Secure hair at night (satin wrap, braids, twists, etc)
-Detangle with lots of conditioner regularly
-Limit wash and gos
-Shingle hair with gel or any other holding agent when a fro is desired.
-Keep hair moisturized and sealed with oils.


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