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kellygreen49 05-08-2009 06:38 PM

I want a short hair cut... but I have a round face. Possible?

(Below is my hair pretty "uplifted", I was having a very good hair day and used lots of Curl spray. Usually it's a bit longer like above. And yes, I have massive amounts of eyeliner on, the picture was for an "Emo Challenge" between me and a friend)

Can anyone link me to some nice (potentially messy/choppy) curly cuts? No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to find any good ones.

mickalia 05-09-2009 06:25 PM

Ok, I recently dug out all of my old favorite short hair pics, because I'm contemplating chopping mine off again. SO, sorry about the overload of pics, but since I had them all out, I thought I'd scan them all for you. I have sort of a round face, too, with the crooked smile, so I think our face shapes are similar. Hope this helps!

This first set is from around the same time, and probably my fav length. A little longer (chin length in front, stacked a little in the back) and a little shaggy:

This next set is when it was a little shorter. It always was a tad longer on the right, and a little shorter on the left, just enough so I could tuck it behind my ear if I had to. Again, stacked in the back. It couldn't be pulled back at this length, I usually rocked a bandana. I reaaaally liked this length, too! I tried to include pics that showed the choppy layers up close on the left (shorter) side:

And this last set is when it was the shortest. I had a bad habit of asking to be shaped and reshaped until most of my hair was gone...oops. That's my bro in the second pic, look how curly his hair is! The last pic is actually of my old college ID, right after I cut it for the very first time!

wavy wonder 05-09-2009 07:50 PM

first of all YES i definitely think you can pull it off. Just wanted to say mickalia (i hope that is correct) your hair is adorable, I really like when it is short, the picture where you're hugging someone, a guy maybe? I think that hair cut suits you SO well. I think you should cut your hair, too.
Here are some styles of my shorter hair.

shellynot 05-09-2009 07:59 PM

I really like the haircut at at 2:09-2:13 of this video:

Its short/messy like you were looking for, and I think you and the hair model have similar hair types. :)

kellygreen49 05-09-2009 08:20 PM

Thanks mickalia, I'm going to go for a short cut! Kind of nervous, but I think I've had enough with these half flat half curled locks. I think a shorter cut will give me more bounce. ...And I get to see my sister freak out once she sees I've cut it, haha.

mickalia 05-10-2009 08:51 AM

Wavywonder, I love that shaggy style you have!!

Kelly, you will definitely have a lot more volume and bounce, especially right after you take all of that weight from the length off. Make sure whoever does your hair allows for that.... you can always take more off, but you can't put it back on if it's too short! :blob2:

kellygreen49 05-10-2009 08:57 AM

mickalia- Thanks for the extra tip!
I think I'm going to have her take 3-4 inches off, see how I like it, then let her continue if it's okay. Sounds like a pain in the butt for my hair dresser, but curly girls need a little more reassurance, haha.
I'll post up a picture on here this month!!!
P.S Do you mind if I print out one of your pics for my hair dresser Jen? LOL

mickalia 05-10-2009 04:38 PM

Go for it!! I used to take in a couple pics of Meg Ryan when she had her shaggy hairdo. :D

You are seriously making me consider chopping mine off again!!

I just saw pictures of a friend's girlfriend who has hair similar to mine, and she recently cut it almost identical to wavywonder's length... it looks sooooo gooooood!!

Just the thought of shortening my shower/styling/drying time is darn near temptation enough!

kellygreen49 05-10-2009 06:04 PM

So you grew your hair out long again?

And oh my GOD, I just thought of the drying time being cut in half. That sounds amazing, my hair takes so long to dry.

dezinhaferreira 05-10-2009 08:12 PM

kellygreen49, my face is round and I wear short hair:

kellygreen49 05-10-2009 08:40 PM

dezinhaferreira- Thanks for your reply!
Your hair looks a little narrower than mine, but we definitely share the same cheek form.
I ADORE your hair!
Can you tell me your routine?

I have to admit, I'm starting to get the jitters though about this short hair thing, *wipes sweat off of forehead*

dezinhaferreira 05-11-2009 09:25 AM

kellygreen49, thank you! :toothy9:

My routine is practical. I wash the hair to each 2 days, since I am brazillian and here we are hot practically the whole year. I use No-poo (DevaCurl / Care or Red) washed, One Condition (Curl / Care or Red) conditioner/leave-in. 1 time weekly Low-poo (Should Curl) washed in the scalp.
I try to hydrate the threads twice weekly with masks moisturizers and to each 15 days I am in the habit a rebuilding firm.

Thanksss by the praise!

Oh, I also had the enormous hair, in the waist. And it was afraid of cutting, the rest of the chemistry wanted to take them from me. I created courage and told to cut everything.
Today I am falsified in scissors, hahaha ... I adored, I do not manage to let it grow any more.

Cut not much only to see if you like and then you rethink the case. Then you start to adore shorts hair.


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