wet look?

i'm not sure if this has been talked about because i didn't see it. i'm one who has pretty curly hair- or what used to be before several bad hair dye jobs. but, for me- i don't like the dry curl look. i just never did. i like my hair way better when i get out the shower, possibly because it's way less curly then when it's dry. so what can i do to help my hair? right now i'm using bed heads gel, which is working pretty decent. but sometimes when i put it in- it's hard to put my hair up easily because of all the product. any good reccomendations? and i've already tried greases/oils/lotions none really work. they always dry my hair out in like an hour and leave it WAY too soft. i'll attach a photo of my hair right now so you all can see what i'm working with when it's WET and the second one will be DRY. i like the wet one better- because it looks less curly to me and longer.

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What effect are you trying to achieve? Do you actually want your hair to look like it's wet all the time or are you looking for something to help relax the curl and stretch it out?
I like the 2nd one better.
Vicki - I think I am starting to understand!!! woohoo!!!

Devacare no poo, Once Condish. Rinse upside down cold water.
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