all you 2's!

do you low-poo? can i low-poo more than once a week, like every other day? can i low-poo with suave naturals soaked in coniditioner or by itself?
Even as a 2 I rarely low poo but there was a thread a few weeks back on the co poo...could be something you'd want to try, especially if you are low pooing more than once a week.
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okay thanks! i havent started low pooing yet though because i've been thinking this whole time that i was a three but i found out i'm a two something and washing my hair would be lovelyyyyy. can i use suave naturals though, or no?
I went about 8 months without any poo but now my hair seems to require it ... not sure what changed ... but my hair is pretty greasy these days if I don't use any shampoo. I think you should do the gentlest cleaning method that still gets your hair clean. co-washing is definitely gentler than low poo but just not enough for me lately.

I saturate all of my hair with conditioner and then add low poo to my scalp area. when I do that then my hair is a lot less likely to get the "finger in electrical socket" look typical of shampoo :P so yeah ... I think your suave naturals idea is good ... it sounds pretty similar to what I'm doing actually
It has more to do with your texture and porosity than hair type.

I considered myself, and still do at times, a wavy for the first year I was on here (I've been on since July 2007 but didn't join till much later). I've used shampoo bars a couple times to experiment but other than that have only used conditioner to wash since July 2007.

My hair is fine and medium porosity. I only co-wash once a week or less. If your hair is fine, try cutting back on how often you condition, water wash instead, before adding in a low poo.
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I low poo, because I get over-conditioned easily.
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Low poo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat (when needed)
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I low poo several times a week. I use to do just two, but it seems i need more lately.
I low poo about 2x a week, with KCCC. My hair gets product build up pretty easily, regardless of ingredients (I use CG products).
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