Don't You Love a Great Stylist?

I went to get my hair dyed today (I was aiming to get back to something close to my natural color but without its usual blond/brown/grayish-ashy mixture of blech) and I tried a new salon in my hometown. I was so incredibly pleased!! It's run by two young sisters (early twenties) and their goal is all about pleasing the customer -- it's actually called All About You Salon.

I was a little nervous about getting my hair dyed, and then also about shampooing and putting in products since I only went CG a month ago and I didn't want to lose the progress I've made. While I was sitting with the dye I chatted with the stylist, Ashley, who asked if my hair was naturally curly. I told her, and then I told her about not using silicones and sulfates. She really seemed to understand and was actually very impressed that I found such a great alternative and was sticking to it. I told her that whatever she used in my hair that day would be fine, though, and I would just take care of it at home.

When I sat down for my rinse out and shampoo, I had resigned myself to just DTing after a few days and starting again, but lo! here comes Ashley from the storage closet with two sample packets of sulfate free shampoo! I was so glad that she had not only listened to me rattling on about sulfates, but she understood that it was something important I was trying to do for my hair.

I'm not sure if she can cut curly hair, but I'm definitely going back to let her try!

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Glad you had such a positive experience!
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What a wonderful experience! I hope she can cut curly hair as well! Let us know when you go back for that cut.

It is truly wonderful to find a great stylist.

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I'll get back to you if I ever find one!

Glad you had a good experience.
3b in South Australia.

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