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lanier1 05-10-2009 10:15 AM

Hello am new here and need some halp with my hair
hello nice to meet everyone on here. I am soo confused about my hair. I have decided to let it grow out so now its curl/wavy hair but its fine like. Ex: When i wake up in the mornings its like a puff ball u really cant tell its wavy/curly.

Anyway, i dont know my hair type so thats why i gave you a description.

My questions is what products will i need to make the frizz go down and to weight my curls down but not too much. I want my hair to look as naturl as possiable. I would rather not by high dolar products can someone help me please.

EarthyCurls 05-10-2009 02:40 PM

as i noticed this is your first post, and you joined recently. so many people ask this question, and i think you will learn the answer if you hang out for a while. i also asked questions that had been asked a ton when i was new, and did get very many replies because they had been asked so much, and i just learned from hanging out on these boards.

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