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Ok, I am desperate.

I got a really really really bad haircut. Long story; irrelevant.

Its time for me to bite the bullet and get a curly cut.

I live by the Jersey Shore but am willing to travel as far as NYC or Philly.

Please make a recommendation, with details.

Thank you in advance!

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I met Erica a few weeks ago. She works out of Beauty Basics in Middletown. We had a great conversation and I can't believe how awesome it was to meet a stylist who knew what I was talking about. She is Deva-Trained and is very knowledgeable about curly hair. She is also a curly.

Anyway, she spent a lot of time looking at my hair, checking out the curls, talking to me and getting to know me and my hair. We looked at it together and she helped me make the decision not to go too short this first time. She didn't want me to be shocked and upset that the hair was too short after such a long time since I had had majorly short hair. (I was thinking shoulder length and it is about an inch past the shoulders.)

Erica is super friendly and a very sweet person. She came to my house and spent 2 hours with me. She trimmed and cut each curl then we washed it. She used all Deva products on me and then we blotted and diffused. She showed me how to clip my hair to provide lift (I hope I can replicate that!) and I explained to her what plopping was. (LOL, she just blots. I told her that there was a vid around somewhere for her to see more. I also showed her this site. ) Anyway, so once my hair was dry she went back and re-trimmed and cut the back of my hair once again to take it a little shorter.

I have to say that this is the best cut I have ever had and I am interested in seeing how my hair responds to the cut after I wash it tomorrow.

I totally recommend Erica to any curlies here, in the Monmouth County area and if you're in Middletown, stop by and meet her. Beauty Basics is located on the south bound side of rt 35, just after Target, in the same strip mall as that puppy store, and I think Carabba's is right near there, too.

That was my review of Erica from a couple of weeks ago. I am still happy with the cut and I think she did a good job. I'll be calling her again to cut my hair over the summer again. She gave me a nice trim and was very careful about how much she cut off, especially since I was gun shy and hadn't had a real hair cut in 6 years.

If you want her number, please pm me and I'll give it to you.
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Wow, excellent. Will certainly go in for a consult, as its less than 20 minutes from my house!

Will PM you! Thanks!
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