Henna washed out

I've been wanting to try henna for a long time and I finally bought some and applied it last Monday. I had a rich, vibrant copper color that was a bit scary at first but it toned down the next day. And the next day. And the next day. My hair was a dark blonde and already my roots are back and my hair has blonde streaks in it. I knew the henna would take a couple of days to settle but I never thought that a week later it would've all but washed out. Any thoughts?

BTW: I used 300g of Punjabi Prime henna from mehandi.com with 100g of Cassia mixed in.
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Did you mix it correctly? Henna is permanent.
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I mixed it according to the booklet I downloaded from hennaforhair.com. I let it sit for about 20 hours and left it on for 3. I also did a strand test beforehand. It still has a copper hue to it but maybe I need to leave it on longer next time? I'm going to be job hunting soon and didn't want to show up anywhere looking like ronald mcdonald.
2b with some ringlets. Modified CG.
Poo: Mop-C, GV Tea Tree, CV poo bar
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Hi Wildfire. I've never had henna fade on me. I would definitely try leaving it on longer, say four to six hours.

Also the dye was probably available at 12 hours, if not sooner. Here's a link to a henna dye release/demise chart:
At 1 day, you still have dye, but it's loosing its potency and getting close to demising. Still, I'd figure that whatever active dye did stain your hair would be permanent.

You didn't use boiling water in your mix, right? That can cause the henna to fade over time.

Did you clarify your hair before applying the henna? Oils and product residue can interfere with dye uptake.
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I have this problem too. I used a mix of 200g punjabi prime and 1/4 cup of amla on friday and my hair is now back to its original brown in spots. I'm quite sad. I left my mix on for 4 hours and let it die release for about 6.

Yesterday my hair seemed to be getting redder (it was very subtle at first, more of a dark burgundy) but now it looks like a lot of that has faded away. From everything I read this should not be happening.
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