Park Avenue Curl Creme

So I've been poking around on here for a little while now and I have yet to find anything about the Park Avenue twist curl creme. Pretty sure it's a generic brand for redken ringlets?

Anyway, has anyone tried this? What were the results/what did you like and not like? Also, did it have enough hold on its own or did you add a gel on top? I picked some up at Sally's today, just curious to hear of other's experiences with it!
I haven't tried this but let us know how you like it. does it have silicones in it?
I'm still pretty new at reading labels and whatnot (probably due to the fact that I'm not CG), but from what I can see it only contains and a-cone. But like I said, I could be missing something else!
I've been using this lately and I love it! It's a pretty runny light, almost transparent gel-cream. It does have to be paired with another product though but I say it works pretty well! I'm very curious to know if anyone else uses it and what they pair it with, if anything.

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