I am soooo almost there.....

I love ck- kccc combo, I get perfect shiny ringletts, but it's almost too perfect if you know what I mean. I love cj cccc, and cjaf combo, love the volume, bouncie curls, but get frizzies at the scalp. Dews have droped to the 30's, so that doesn't help. If I could somehow get the effect of the best of both?
I have cj leave in and sg comming.
Any tweeking ideas....I'm soooo close.
ok, so yesterday I used the cj combo with some arcangel over it , big bouncie soft curls.But with this weird frizz inbetween all the curls. I once saw this old thread with all the types of frizz and what caused it, but can't for the life of me find it again. Don't think it's the glyceryn, cuz my hair loves ck. Thinking about trying cjaf with kccc. Does that sound weird? Maybe with a little brhg.
I have thick 3 b I think hair. Anyone else have any tricks of the trade to share? I have read through every post twice. Promise.
Not sure which search you used - the Google Custom Search is better - but I typed in frizz types and this was the first result.

Frizz types

I don't use most of the products you're using but I do use CK. In order for CK to be effective, you have to use a lot of it. Sorry I have no tweaking tips for the rest.
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Thank you...I have frizzy tubes....yikes. I tried the google custom search again and I get different results so thank you for the link. It was exactly what I was looking for.

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