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Should I color my hair?

I'm trying to decide whether or not to color my hair - it's always been natural. I was thinking something maybe a little more auburn/red/strawberry blondeish - I want my eyes to look more blue. What do you think? If I do color, should I get it professionally done or do it myself? Thanks!
I think your hair looks really pretty the way it is! you have some really pretty natural highlights too! But if you are itching for a change, why don't you try a demi permanent color, just to try it out before going permanent? and I'd say go to a professional if you haven't colored your hair before, unless you know someone who really knows how to do it well.
Good luck!

Your hair is really pretty. I love the natural color! I think if you really want to dye it, though, red/auburn would look excellent. As Spaghettihead said, I would advise you to use a demi/semi permanent dye too. You could also try henna. They come in a variety of reds- and it's not damaging at all.
I hear ya - I'd kind of like to play with colors in my hair (never been dyed), but I have no clue what to do, plus I'm scared.

You have really pretty hair and I like the natural color! You can always try the semi-permanent dye that only lasts a month or so to see if you like the color or not. Some reddish tones would look great! Be careful with henna, I know people who have tried it that ended up looking like they used red koolaid to dye their hair, lol.

Good luck! Let us know what you choose!

ETA: My name's Emily too!
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That's funny, I voted, but my vote didn't show up in the tally. And the tally is zero for both categories. Weird.

You natural haircolor is identical to mine. I went natural throughout most of my twenties, but since my thirties started, I've gotten bored and have been messing with the color.

If you're going to color it, you're going to have to accept a certain amount of damage and/or awkward phases. Just know that up front.

I did henna for a couple years and it's wonderful for conditioning, but it never fades. You can lighten it with a few different techniques [I used ColorFix] but there will always be some color left.

So once you're done with henna, you'll need to figure out how to transition out from that. The best way would be to cut the hennaed part off. I'm trying to sort that out myself these days and it's not easy. I really like the length I have and it took years to get it this way. I could go darker with a demiperm, but it really doesn't suit my coloring.

Also, the demimpermanents can sometimes be more like permanent colors on curly hair. I've read here where more than one curly has had this problem, ie., the color never fades.

Anyway, you can see what coloring does to a person's options!

You could get some subtle professional highlights done. That way you can see if you like them, the damage will be minimal, and you can grow them out very gracefully.

Don't let them talk you into anything more involved, like all-over color. This makes it more likely you'll need to return to them for root touch-ups, but if you just want the highlights, be firm with them. I had a colorist do the highlights I asked for, then she talked me into a "glaze." Well, that just turned out to be all-over color that when it grew out, left a line where my natural color was. I think she was just trying to ensure I'd return to her.

If you decide to go with all-over color that you do yourself, I can highly recommend Robert Craig for a gentle color shift. It's not going to do anything dramatic, and it won't lighten, but it's a nice subtle change.

Good luck!
I agree with everyone else, your natural color is pretty. I really regret it any time I do an allover color, but that's just me. It never turns out as I expected and then as it fades and grows, I find I have to keep doing it unless I wanna wack off a couple years of growth

I would DEFINITELY try highlights first to break up the natural color and to see how your hair does with color (without dying your entire head). That may do it for you. Get a couple colors even, like a strawberry blonde and then a slightly lighter or darker color. That will make your eyes pop and give you a change.

Good luck! Let us know!
I voted no. Your hair looks absolutely lovely the way it is. My experience is that a hair that isn't processed in any way is so much healthier too.
So I would leave it the way it is when it looks so nice natural.
Love your curl pattern.

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