voluminous hair just doesn't suit my face

What's a curly to do when she has small features and wearing her hair curly overwhelms her face? My hair is almost shoulder length, and while I like it from the back, having a lot of hair around my face is not all that flattering. I had my hair straightened over the weekend, and my eyes looked bigger and I looked as if I actually might have cheekbones.

Do any other curlies have this dilemma? What do you do? Wearing my hair up isn't really an option for me, since otherwise flattering updos expose my ears, which don't lie flat to my head.
I have a small face and features but I feel like it makes my face look bigger if that makes sense.

Have you tried wearing shorter layers around your face?
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You could style in a way that pulls your curl out a little. Styling with conditioner only does that for me.

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I'll definitely try conditioner-only styling, though I'm a bit confused that it includes plopping. Isn't plopping supposed to encourage curl?

Still, if I wear my hair like yours, whatsercurl, my eyes disappear. Your eyes definitely are bigger than mine. When it's down, my urge is to pull it back off my face with a clip of some kind, and I'm not sure that's a good look on someone my age. I feel as if it screams "frumpy mom."

I got my hair cut last week, and it is just a bit shorter around my face than I have been wearing it. I caved and let the stylist straighten it, and straightened it myself yesterday, so I actually haven't seen it curly yet. (The one day I let it dry on its own, it rained and I had to pull it into a ponytail.) Maybe not having quite so much length around my face will make my hair a bit more flattering.

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The plopping in this routine is more to get the excess water out of your hair. You'll just comb through it and strech out the curl afterwards so it's no biggie.
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Thanks for the explanation. I shy away from anything that encourages my hair to curl up tightly!
I'v never met someone whose naturally curly hair doesn't look good with their natural facial features, I think it's a myth that keeps many people from going natural that only some people can "pull off" curly hair. And at some point there is an article saying a different type of facial shape looks worst with curly hair. Like from what you are saying about your features they are what I always thought and always heard looked best with curly hair. Delicate, small features that are actually softened and made larger by big hair. I was always told becuase I had a round face and large features I couldn't pull off my own curly hair, and definitely not short curly hair. Well right now my hair is the shortest and curliest out there and it looks great! And honestly it's interesting but now that I think about it the eventual huge afro I want will actually make my face look smaller in comparison becuase it is so huge.

Now a certain curly style or cut might not be working for you but you def. don't have to straighten your hair to look good.

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