What are your Top 10 Concerns of Curlies

1. frizz
2. frizz
3. frizz
4. frizz
5. frizz
6. frizz
7. frizz
8. frizz
9. frizz
10. Last but not least....frizz.

Originally Posted by loewin
All I can say is lolz, that's so true ;]
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In no particular order:

1) Dealing with frizz constructively (i.e., no baseball caps or severe buns)
2) Achieving volume and root curl/transforming limp locks into sexy fat ringlets
3) Curly hairstyles (for the life of me, I have no idea what to do with my hair other than wearing it down or in a bun)
4) Weatherproofing hair (dealing with dew points, different climates, wind and rain, etc.)
5) Second-day hair
6) Curly hair in the workplace (thanks to the other folks who mentioned this)
7) Learning how to get the best curly haircut possible/how to ask your stylist for it even if she/he doesn't usually deal with curls
Blocking out/transforming insidious media messages about curls
9) Fighting PJ'ism and simplifying my daily routine
10) More info on natural hair treatments/organic and natural products that are eco-conscious with no animal testing
Fine, porous 3a with some 3b...
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The societal stigma that curly hair is to be suppressed to conform to the straight hair ideal, not celebrated for it's versatility. This had such an impact on my self esteem as a little kid.

The fear of getting a bad cut knowing most stylists don't have curly hair training.

Dealing with weather variations and the resulting day to day hair differences.

Dealing with the perception that your hair is overly 'messy' or 'dirty' because it is not washed everyday (I've had straight haired stylists say no one should wash their hair everyday).

How to style it up for more formal looks, without using curling irons- just the curly hair in its raw form.

How to handle hair changes that occur with life changes (e.g. pregnancy, puberty, chemo, thyroid,etc.).

Learning how to handle the hair of your children. My mother is not a curly, and didn't understand why I was so embarrassed by the frizz. She persisted in having my hair cut by the same poor stylist throughout my childhood (can you say 'mushroom') on the rare occaision I got a cut, and didn't see why we should try other products. There were many conflicts between us that stemmed from this, and it was not until I could afford to experiment with products and stylists as a teenager that I began to appreciate my hair.

Understanding what unique requirements exist for MY hair and how to predict what is needed (this website has helped me tremendously on this)

The cost associated with figuring out what products are needed for curly hair.

The impact of heat styling on the health of curly hair.
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1.frizz on the canopy, because it shows the most.
2.unequal amounts of volume throughout the hair.
3."flat" hair.
4.stringy curls that seperate into a million pieces of frizz.
5.how long curly hair takes to dry.
6.different curly styles for different situations (such as work, a date, a party, etc.)
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Hair'em, Scare'em
1. Shrinkage
2. Too much volume
3. Hairdressers
4. Faster hair growth

Dead-on about the shrinkage!

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