Plopping issues >.>

Wells, I have searched the site and googled to try and find any discussion on this, but to no avail. SO, I figured I would just ask.

I've recently started plopping overnight post-shower as I don't have enough time in the mornings to wash and prepare my hair. I was hesitant to do it at first, but with FOTE, it turned out amazingly during the first trial. I can't explain it. It was soft and spirally, and overally--uniformly curled. I loved it. Life was great. The ONLY issue I had was that the back of my head was flat. Now I lay all over the place when I sleep, but the sides of my head were fine and the curls fell right into place. But the back of my head ._. Well...I manually had to thread my fingers into my hair to pull the curls down. I didn't really mind it at first, but in the past few times of going through this method, I've ended up with great Day 1 hair everywhere except for the back of my head, which ends up frizzy and tousled-looking. Not to mention, it makes me think I've lost hair back there each time because the hair in the back disappears into the sides of head.

Does anyone know why this could be happening and/or what I could do to prevent it? Am I pulling the plop too tightly in the back? OH--I do use one of the microfiber turby-twist-looking things which is pretty tight...if I switch to a regular t-shirt could that ensure that the curls are being held the same all over? I'm grasping at straws at this point, and I really don't want to give up the overnight plop...I get such soft, (semi-)great hair with it.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
I don't have any suggestions - only mentioning I have a similar problem. The top of my head refuses to curl up much (it's sort of flat till about an inch and a half down, then the spirals begin). I plop in the morning for around an hour.
I'm a big fan of overnight plopping as well, though I've been doing it less since I cut my hair shorter. I always use a flour sack towel, so I'm wondering how you are using the turban. Are you actually twisting your hair into it, or just manipulating it to a usual plop style? If you're twisting it, that could be causing the problem and making you lose curl.

The only other advice I really have is to try to force your hair as far to the crown/back of your head as possible when putting it into the plop. If most of your hair is up by your forehead, you're going to end up with flat roots and a fuzzy back. Your hair is more likely to fall down naturally out of the plop if it's sitting back at the crown of your head.

I wouldn't recommend making it looser unless you're sure it will stay on during the night. I've found that making it looser just leads to frizzy hair the next day.
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The funniest part is I never have a problem with flat roots doing this (except for the lower back of my head of course :X) The turban thingy looks like this:

I lay my head into it like a normal plop, and then I do have to twist the end and fasten it in back, but my hair isn't in the twisted portion. Forcing the hair to the back is sounding like a pretty good idea too, so I am definitely going to be trying this!

I think the problem is that I have so much hair, and I load it up pretty heavily so that it wants to stay on top of my head, which is problematic. I never really thought of manipulating where my hair ends up inside of the plop. Thank you very very much for the suggestion!
i found a shower cap that is lined with microfibre at a local home store and it doesnt squish my hair anywhere... not sure if it would be easy to find again though... but it got me thinking that (given if you know how to sew) it would be very easy to take your own microfibre towel and sew in a casing for an elastic band so you could have your own microfibre shower cap... doesnt move anywhere and isnt bulky or restricting to the head
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I know what you mean, when I first plopped my curls were amazing, but I let my hair dry like 70% and then diffused and it came out outstanding but when I don't diffuse them after the hair is just a lil damp my curls get limp and lifeless and theres zero volume anywhere, its not necessarily frizzy for me though so on days my plopping gets me lifeless curls I put my hair in a nice little up-do but my solution would be to only plop till ur hairs about 70% dry and then diffuse on the low setting. Oh but dont diffuse too often so when u arent going to diffuse don't plop and just let the hair air-dry
Hope this helps!

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