My hair is so blah right now.t barely curls at all. it's taking every ounce of restraint that i have not to just straighten it and be done with it. my hair is all one length and has A LOT of volume so when it drys it looks ridiculous most of the time. I'm thinking that if i added layers it would help with this issue? Only problem is that i live in Mississippi, a basically unmentioned state on this site so i have no clue if there's a good salon around here. i'm already scared to death of hair stylist so this just adds to the drama. Is adding layers pretty much the same for straight and curly? if so then it wouldn't be hard to find a stylist but something tells me the answer is no. ahh this is so fustrating!

ANY insight would be much welcomed. i really hope somebody can help me
hair properties: low porosity, coarse, dense and predominantly 3b I guess

current products:
conditioner - suave professionals
leave in - suave naturals
stylers - shea moisture smoothie and xtreme gel