When is KCCC going to be resold???? :(

Does anyone know why curl mart isn't selling KCCC right now???? Are they just out for now or is it going to be a few weeks or months until it comes back?? I LOVE that stuff and am running low and there is no way I can survive without it!!!! I tried ordering it off their web site but it wanted me to use pay-pale and my dad didn't want to use that.. so does anyone have any suggestions or info about when its coming back? Thanks!!!!
Thick 3a hair that I am still learning how to manage!

normally I condition with suave naturals conditioner and then put in Knot Today Leave in conditioner and KKKC
plop for 15-20 min
air dry
put in LA Looks Gel or Biotera Gel during the day

Pics of my hair...
see here: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...ad.php?t=75971
you can buy it from: stormsisterspatique.com rickys nyc or urbanbella.com
A regular credit card can be used on the Kinky Curly site; a pay pal account is not needed. I think she uses pay pal to process credit cards. Why didn't your dad want you to use pay pal?
Life shrinks or expands according to one's courage. Anais Nin
since the reviews for KC website shipping time was bad and storm sister spatique were good i would suggest them. she replied ot all my questions with in and hour on a friday night... i think i will order from them

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