Going Shopping on Friday!!

So, I am going shopping for hair stuff on friday!!!

I have about half a tub of KCCC left, and I LOVE it (total convert), I happen to be driving not to far from North Hollywood, so I will be stopping in at Frends Beauty Supply (www.frendsbeautysupply.com for those who are looking to buy KCCC).

I am thinking I might treat myself to something else while I am there, but I don't know what..

Currently my hair is: a 2 something, with bits of 3 poking through (especially at the nape) and around bra strap length when dry -- BUT -- Tomorrow I am getting it cut, and I am thinking of going shorter again, something around my jaw line maybe... My hair grows pretty quick, so it's not a big deal (although I am very excited to have my first "curly cut", I am going to a stylist I found from the boards..)

ANYWAY --- my current routine -

Cowash - Almond Honey Conditioner (the gallon one from Sally's LOVE the smell, just like Marzipan)

Conditioner - Usually GVP Conditioning Balm (also Sally's), OR occaisionally the GVP Tea Tree Oil one just to mix things up..

I use KCCC (and some gel if I feel like it..) and plop with a homemade tshirt fabric towel...

Then if I have time I diffuse (pixie style)

and finish off by scrunching out the crunch with a bit of gel (the herbal essance curly one).

Anyone have favorite Holy Grail I should peek at while I am there.. I have never been to it, but it looks like tons of fun, and I think I may have to go there for makeup at Halloween!!!
Looks like an amazing store! I have read good things about Aquage styling products. Here is one of the threads,

I found a salon whose new order of Aquage products will be in next week. I plan to purchase the Mega hold gel.

I really like Komaza and Curl Junkie products but they are smaller companies.
Enjoy shopping
modified CG, since January 09
As I am Coconut Cowash, low poo. Clarify once a month
RO: Elucence moisture Bal.
DT: CJ Rehab
LI: Marie Dean Red Clover honey (in low dews only)
Jelly/Gelly products: As I am curl enhancing jelly-near HG status
KCCC- Classic but fickle

HGs: Aloe Fix alone or over Boots Curl Cream

PJ cabinet full of failed combos
thanks for the link- KCCC is a reasonable price-- you dont happen to have a coupon code do you?

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