Fine limp 2a hair. Help!

I've worn my hair wavy in the past and it seemed to work, however I'm trying it again now and it's not cooperating! With air drying I get only a few limp waves unless I'm constantly scrunching with co or water or something as it dries, using a diffuser gives me major frizz, and it looks super thin if I blow it straight (which is easy). What's a girl to do? I'm not sure if CG will work for me since my hair is so fine and thin, but I am using sulfate-free poo (Giovanni 50:50) and then scrunching in conditioner and a little gel (Giovanni Route 66 and La Bella). I'm not using cones either. If I try just gel or mousse I get super crunchy, yet still weighed down hair. I can't really tell if I need moisture, or protein, or what. My hair is dyed blond (not bleach) so its probably somewhat dry, although it doesn't feel too bad. Does anyone have similar hair and a routine that works for them? Also any suggestions on cuts? I'm sure I need one, but I'm not sure what to do with it. Right now its a little above my shoulders, and I don't want to cut it too short as I'd like to grow it out (it also seemed wavier long), but I'm willing to cut some if it ends up in a good workable style! I guess I just need all around advice. I can try to post pics if that would help. Thanks!
If you're bleaching your hair and it's fine, you could probably use some protein.

My hair is highlighted and fine. I can easily overcondition but since you're low-pooing that's probably not an issue for you. I use a fairly protein rich conditioner once a week (Kenra Moisturizing) and have just started doing more regular protein treatments (a homemade concoction) every few weeks.

If gel is weighing your hair down, mousse may be a better option for you. Many fine haired curlies prefer mousse to gel.
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I struggled with this same issue when I first went CG. My biggest problem was that I didn't realize my hair's potential so I didn't know what signs to look for when my hair was wet. Now, I know right away if a product is a keeper/worth experimenting with/swap bin as soon as I put it in.

Anyway, please try some KCCC (it stinks that curlmart is out right now!), Aloe Vera gel (as a leave in), and some protein treatments. KCCC for me was like a miracle, I just had no idea my hair could be so curly and clump-y! I use emergencee and it helps reduce frizz and boost curl. Other ppl like Joico K-Pak and Aphogee.

I'm sure you've heard that 3A types need to be a certain length to curl, and if it's any shorter it just appears straight. I've found my hair needs to be at least chin length when wet to curl nicely. If you don't have really bad split ends, you might be able to hold off on the trim until you figure out your products. HTH!
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Thanks ladies. I have been interested in trying KCCC but was a bit worried it might weigh my hair down. However knowing another person with fine hair has had success makes me more motivated to try it. I was also looking at the Jessicurl samples for fine hair just to see if that might work too. Has anyone had success with that? I was also thinking my hair will get curlier/wavier as it grows since it has in the past. I would think at near shoulder length it would be long enough to wave/curl, but who knows, mine just might take a bit more. Do you do CG or a modified CG? My hair just looks so limp and oily if I don't shampoo everyday. Maybe once it gets used to less shampooing it will handle it better, but its hard to get over that hump! Thanks again. Hopefully I'll have something successful to report soon!
KCCC doesnt do anything for my thin, long fine wavy hair.

But Re:Coil does!

I went CG almost a year ago and WOW, how healthy my hair is! With lots of trial and error, the curls are becoming amazing. My thin, fine hair likes mag sulfates (jessicurl CC and RR), flax seed gel, Deva ArcAngell. Hates KCCC, though. Bottom line, trial and error. I also need to DT with protein, helps alot.

Good luck!
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My hair is pretty fine too, and I end up with limp curls if Im not careful.
I've found that if use a leave in, my hair will go limp, and also, if I dont diffuse I cant get much curl.
Have you tried pixiecurling? If you do that, and have enough (of the right) product in, then it shouldnt go too frizzy. I need to pixiecurl upside down, with plenty of fsg (BB's is the BEST stuff in the world!!), or kccc and gel.
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