stop me from perming my wavy hair

Part of the problem may also be the water where you live. If you live in an area with especially hard water, you might need to do an ACV rinse every time you wash. I do (on both counts) because it keeps the minerals from building up in my hair. That seems to have a lot to do with it being dry and not curling well.

You can check with your local municipal water supplier - city , co-op, etc. to see what your water is like.


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you should not perm your hair constantly. It will damaged your hair. Love your wavy hair just the way it is by using the right products If I may recommend, you could use :
elseve by loreal anti-frizz- the color of the bottle is yellow
my hair is 2b type and since I use that product from the shampoo, conditioner, and the mask also, my hair is shinier and also manageable
for cream you could use makarizo intensive care product - golden gloss, it smells great and also style and conditions your hair at the same time
or if it's not availabe
try kerastase oleo relax serum

good luck
Thank you for the methodical approach to becoming acquainted with my hair porosity and type (fine). Thank you too for product recommendations, etc: I have a shipment arriving from Kathymack soon (KCCC!).

I dumped my old coconut/protein condish, bought some Aquelle from Sally's and Suave Green Apple, and my curls seem better than before. I'll post pics when I can.

I'm holding off on recommending the Aqualle - we'll see.

Thanks again everyone
Padawan curly

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