Even in warm weather, dew points can make a difference

I thought it was interesting to see how my curl pattern changed in one week.

Last week was warm, around 70, but it was dry with a dew point of about 30. Today it is 79-80, but the dew point is a more moist 58 right now. That change in dew point does make a difference considering the relatively small change in air temperature.

So, don't let warm weather fool you! If it's warm and dry, you can still deal with a different type of curl than warm and moist or warm and sticky.

Last week.


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Gawd - your hair is fabulous. I'm so jealous.
WOW! that is amazing! I've been paying more attention to air temps and dews myself and although I haven't noticed a huge difference in my own hair this Spring, I do see it in my little girls hair. Winter is an entirely different story.....much looser for me.

When the dews are higher then 50 she gets spirals on 2nd day and beyond but when they dip back down to 30's or below more waves then curls. I'm just wavy all the time but I get more root curl when dews are higher then 50.
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I learned that this week as well, and it is a gd send regarding deciding what products to use any given day!
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AWESOME! I find this to be true as well. Thanks for the pics!

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I envy that hair!
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AWESOME! I find this to be true as well. Thanks for the pics!
Originally Posted by ReddishRocks
I was thinking of you and all of the Utah curlies too since you all get that whole warm but dry thing a good bit!
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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AWESOME! I find this to be true as well. Thanks for the pics!
Originally Posted by ReddishRocks
I was thinking of you and all of the Utah curlies too since you all get that whole warm but dry thing a good bit!
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls
Awww...how sweet that you think of us! Though it sucks to live in dry weather all the time (even winters are cold but dry), sometimes it's a blessing because I don't have to make many changes in products with the changes of the season. Yeah, there will always be a couple weeks where we're all talking to each other and we're like WTH is going on and why won't my hair do anything?!

One of the frustrations we have that I don't think many people use other than in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming is that I have an evaporative (swamp) cooler in my house. So it's dry outside, but when I come in, it's humid. Great.

I wholeheartedly agree, RCC. What a difference a temp and dew points make!

You and your hair are just gorgeous in any dew point.

I find the whole dew point thing confusing but fortunately (or not), where I live we have pretty much the same weather (no, make that climate) day in, day out, for most of the year. It's pretty much always between 45F and 65F, humidity of 60%-70%, dew points of 40-50. There's also the rainy season, and, most afternoons, it's windy (hate hate the wind!)

But the weather really varies from one part of town to the other. In my neighborhood, it will be damp and gray, and my hair will be hanging limply, looking sad, and it never seems to dry. Then I'll drive across town to a sunnier neighborhood, and suddenly my hair will perk up, my waves will start waving, and overall the hair will look so much better.

I never have to worry about using humectants here, and I don't think about changing product from season to season. But I'm thinking a sunlamp would be helpful!
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You don't have to convince me! My hair changes HUGELY in response to dewpoints. I can't believe how "curly" I can look one day, only to be all stretched out & "loopy" the next.

I just started another thread about how frustrating this can be in the crazily changeble climate of New England!

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Don't I know this! I was in Vegas from 20 - 23 then Phoenix area from 23 - 25 & my hair had loads of curl & volume from the three storms in their heat. But back in UT with it cooler & drier, my hair is once again flat.
Your hair looks great both last week and today...but the only difference I see is...your hair is absolutely sexy today!
Rock those curls!!! You got it goin' on!
That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

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Yeah, it is more "boom boom pow" with some humidity.

I like both looks, but I love watching the pattern change with the dewpoints.

Also, it's a good illustration to show that just because it's warm, that doesn't always mean that the curls will be as perky as you may think they will.

That was 2nd day hair too, and I got a third out of it today. For whatever reason, I can get multi day hair at a higher dew point where I can't get that as easily at lower dew points. I need to condition much more often at a lower dew point, and the curl pattern just does not hold up as well overnight at low dew points. It's just more delicate.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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