How much gel do you use?

I get a really nice result when I use at least 3-4 quarter sized dollops on my hair, when used over a teeny bit of leave in conditioner.

The problem is that no matter what gel I use, my scalp starts to itch the next day. I usually like to go every third day before I wash, but it drives me nuts so sometimes I have to wash sooner.

I am going to try and reduce the amount, but my result isn't as good. So I was just much do you all use?

Hair Type - medium to fine texture, high porosity, lots of it, type 2b/3a
A quarter sized blob. My hair is just past my shoulders.
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I use 4 quarter sized blobs, one on each side, one for the underneath section, and one for the top/crown. My hair is bra-strap length. I try not to actually get the gel on my scalp though, so maybe that would help if you were just more careful with application?
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Maybe the size of a dime or less. I don't use gel by itself though and use a quarter size of curl creme along with it.
Two generous 50 cent piece blobs, but my hair is just above waist length when drenched, at it srunk to APL today.

You could try half that amount to see if it is enough to give you hold without the itch.
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Sounds like you're allergic to something in the gel. From experience, I can tell you that it doesn't get better. I'm lucky, while I've never found out what I'm allergic to, I've found products that don't bother me.

I use two or three pea sized amounts.
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I use kind of a lot, I have a lot of hair. If I don't section and work a little into each section I get very uneven results. My goal is to coat every hair with only a little gel. Probably 8-9 sections of hair with at least a dime size blob of gel in each. I do use a sort of watery gel usually.
My hair is about BSL and 4.5inch circumference ponytail.
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