How to combat stickiness from gels

I've been trying HESMU gel, and I think it has some potential to cut down on frizz for me, but it leaves my hair feeling very sticky. I use a leave in underneath it, and then apply the gel. Is there any way to reduce the sticky feeling it leaves?
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I'm using HESMU too right now. Just started using it three days ago, actually. I wasn't very impressed. It seemed to make my hair a little fly-awaey.
But maybe you're using too much?
I use a couple pea sized amounts (though I have short hair).
Or it could be the leave-in?
I know one thing for sure, there are probably better curly stylers out there.
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Try mixing it with your leave-in and then scrunching it all in together maybe. It's been mentioned in Jillipoo's blog a few times.
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