What does AN stand for and honey question

I couldn't find an among the acronyms and does a honey rinse mean you add honey to the final rinse, like the cold rinse, or you mix a little honey in a cup of warm water before the final rinse? Thanks for responses!
not sure what AN stands for sorry, but for a honey rinse I generally mix a bit of honey into a cup of warm/hot water, let it cool down and pour it over my hair after I've rinsed my conditioner out. Others might do it differently though.
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I'm unfamiliar with AN also, what was the context?

And what's described above is what I use for honey rinse too.
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Thanks to both. Definitely will try that honey!

Here is one of several posts which has "an" in it - there were a few others that I was reading. Maybe it means agave nectar? I realize now I could have pm'd the poster, but anyway....

I checked my notes and wanted you to know that I did actually rinse the suave out then added the AN rinse. Then a little leave in (on part of my head and none on the other half to see if made a difference. It didn't.)
Yup, definitely sounds like "agave nectar" rinse....
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It's agave nectar...I would know You use it the same way as honey but it has less hold and can be used in lower dewpoints also.

If you go to the newbie board there is a thread about honey that you could find really helpful if you're interested.
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