CG Solutions for frizz/dullness?

The warm weather has arrived, and I am actually dreading it. Personally, I hate summer hair because my hair is sooo high maintainance during this time. I am on CG and am using a lighter cream on my hair and more gel. But for some reason, my hair frizzes and looks dull.

Even after washing with a non-sulphate shampoo my hair is looking really dull. Usually I would use a little bit of shine serum to make my hair look nice, but that has a lot of cones in it so I cannot.

Now when I style my hair, it begins to frizz even with more applications of products. I am tempted to use cones and sulphates in the summer, because I cannot find another solution. However, since I am on CG, I cannot do this. Does anyone have any solutions?
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It'd be good to know your current routine to start with.

I get a lot of shine with really light oils, like sunflower. I put 2-3 drops on my hand, rub them together well, then I run my hands down my hair (kinda like a sandwich press from root to ends).

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Thanks for the recommendation. I never thought oil was fine for CG. I have sesame oil. Would that be fine?

My routine is co-washing with Suave's orchid conditioner, and occasionally using Giovanni's non-sulphate shampoo. Then after washing I leave a little bit of Suave conditioner on my hair, and scrunch in some Herbal Essence gel. Afterwards I air dry my hair and use some Dove's hair cream. And that is pretty much my routine.
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One thing I did for minimal frizz is to quit using towels. Period. Even microfiber ones were not helping me and I ended up the next day with a poof of frizz. Now I just gently scrunch the water out and stick a hand towel on my shoulders so if it drips my shirt doesn't get wet.
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I thought all of Dove's stuff had cones in it. Are you sure that it's cone free? Maybe you're getting a buildup of cones.

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