Do I cut or not? *PICS*

Thanks for talking me off the ledge

I will still try to post pictures of my hair down.
Originally Posted by CurlyHairedFarmer
Your hair looks great. Personally, I would hate not being able to pull my hair back or put it up -- especially if you are somewhere that gets hot in the summer! Working in a barn in the heat, hair on your neck -- nix!

Thanks for posting the pix but what we really want to see are pix of you and your cows! Especially you with a flower clip in your hair.

I love cows! Sounds like a good life.
2-something? Coarse, medium underneath. Mid-back. On CG since 5/9/07.
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Plus: SOTC or smooth with camellia oil, JC Nourish & Shine
Homemade food-based DTs
RC color
I guess i'm going to be the odd ball out but I think you should cut it. Maybe into a blunt bob. You'll still be able to pull it back... you just might have shorter hairs that don't fit in the pony (no pun intended). Either way , you're gorgeous! and so is your hair

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