Can i use a no poo shampoo everyday?

just bought deva curl products ( dont know if i like it yet) I want to try a new line that is healthy for my hair and smell good! any suggestions?
I don't see why not. Try it and see if your hair likes being washed everyday. If not, then make it every other day, or less often than that. Really, it depends on your own hair's needs.
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I'm not up to speed on the latest Deva One Condition reformulation controversy, but if there's amodimethicone in your conditioner, you may need something slightly stronger than the no-poo occasionally. Some people seem to be just fine though! I find that washing every day causes my scalp to get dry, which leaves me itchy. I do much better every two to three days.

Ultimately, I agree with Boomy - trial and error! Welcome to the forum!

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I use a low poo every day. I've been using this for a few months and I really like it. I found it at Walgreens. At my store it isn't by all the other's at the cosmetics counter. It's not too expensive...usually around $6 per bottle and I see it on sale a lot.

I just looked and realized this product has sulfates! I've been away from and forgot that was a no-no for CG. Whoops!

I hope you find what's right for you.
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I use a non-sulfate shampoo daily when it's warm out, but every other, or every two, in the winter.

The one thing to think about though, is that if you color your hair, it will fade faster the more you shampoo, regardless of shampoo type.

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