Any way to reduce protein content in hair?

After reading about the signs of protein sensitivity, I think I've got that going on my crown (where the hair is most coarse/porous). Is there anything I can do to reduce the protein content of my hair (if it even works this way)? If not, is there something I can do to make the hair on my crown look a little less straw-like? This is really frustrating to me because my curls underneath look so much nicer, but it's hard to tell.
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A good DT can really help at least calm the dry, frizziness.
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I've done two DTs of equal parts honey, EVOO, and conditioner over the past week. Both times I have seen HUGE differences in the underside of my hair, but not much on the crown, is there some other ingredient I should try??
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3a - High Porosity / Coarse Texture on Crown, Medium Texture Beneath
CO Wash: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Cond.
Condition: Salon Care Honey Almond Cond.
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It may not be a protein sensitivity. Most of us have a dryer crown/canopy--it's the area that's most exposed to the elements. I had serious issues a little over a year ago. It was really dry and didn't curl much.

Frequent trims is what helps me the most.
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What conditioner are you using besides your Suave coconut for co-washing?

I am somewhat protein sensitive and can't use the Suave coconut regularly (it has protein). And both the Biotera curl cream and the LA Looks gel seemed drying to my hair when I used them, and I don't see much difference with AVG.

I have had the dry rough canopy for many years, and (I hate to be a broken record here), but as soon as I used the Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm, my hair finally started to feel moisturized and the canopy is much improved. Seriously, I'd been CG for a long while and using only good CG ingredients and low protein, but the canopy remained bad. After just one wash with the GVP, the canopy straw became much softer.

I'd suggest using a different protein-free CO for washing most of the time (maybe use the Suave now & then when you feel you need some protein) and try the GVP balm for your regular conditioning (I use is as detangler and leave-in co; also good as a DT). For co-wash I like VO5 tea tree or blackberry, and lately I've been using TJ Refresh and I like it.
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If the Suave coconut is your only conditioner right now, it could be one of two things. It could be too much protein from that particular conditioner, or, it could be that you need a more hard core conditioner and you just need some moisture.

People with a protein overdose often notice a very distincitve straw like feeling as opposed to just dry. If I have too much protein, my hair feels just like summer grass and it loses curl definition. If it's dry from lack of moisture, it just feels dry without the straw.
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as most curlies, i also had dry, frizzy canopy. here is what i've been doing and it has been much better --
if i do diffuse dry, i do it upside down, and barely let it touch that area.
i don't touch the crown, or my hair, while drying.
i add a touch more leave in, styling product to that area.
it's just that it's at the high point of our head and it does protect the underneath hair, it is exposed to the elements. so, it needs to be treated with extra special care. try that and see if it helps.
(i'm assuming it may not be a protein sensitivity due to what others have responded with. my hair is also sensitive to protein, and it does lose it's curl, gets straw-like, like a puff weed!)
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